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Iowa Bowhunters Association
Iowa Bowhunters Association

The Iowa Bowhunters Association is a state wide association made up of Bowhunters.

Its purpose is to protect, defend, and promote bowhunting in the state of Iowa. The Iowa Bowhunters Association (IBA) was organized in 1967 by a group of 13 dedicated bowhunters from the state. This original group of directors had over fifty years of bowhunting experience. In addition, they had many years of experience in hunting big game and small game with firearms.

Our present Board of Directors is a much more experienced group. It has been involved long in bowhunting and in the organizational aspects of the sport. Bowhunting time alone totals over 150 years.





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We've heard a lot about having the ability to read the Iowa Bowhunter online. The printed copy will not disappear for those who want or need it. The IBA Annual will remain paper distribution only. As of now, this is an ongoing decision process and nothing is final.



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