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Mission Statement
Mission Statement Mission Statement

The Iowa Bowhunters Association is a state wide association made up of Bowhunters.
Its purpose is to protect, defend, and promote bowhunting in the state of Iowa.

The Iowa Bowhunters Association (IBA) was organized in 1967 by a group of 13 dedicated bowhunters from the state.
This original group of directors had over fifty years of bowhunting experience. In addition, they had many years of experience
in hunting big game and small game with firearms.

Our present Board of Directors is a much more experienced group. It has been involved long in bowhunting and in the
organizational aspects of the sport. Bowhunting time alone totals over 150 years.


The Iowa Bowhunters Association proudly accepts the sport of bowhunting for all legal game;

To protect, improve and increase the opportunities for hunting with the hand held, hand drawn bow;

To cooperate with and support federal and state agencies, sportsmen's associations, and conservation
organizations, which are insuring the propagation and preservation of game and its natural habitat;

To encourage and conduct education programs designed to acquaint the public and the archer with the
safe and ethical use of the bow for hunting and bowhunting as an effective method of hunting legal game;

To foster unity and perpetuate the spirit of good fellowship among bowhunters.

Mission Statement


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